Fat Freezing

Fusiomed is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that effectively targets and removes stubborn areas of fat.

Fusiomed gently freezes and eliminates fat cells which, over time, results in a shapely, more defined figure.

This unique treatment is the perfect solution such as.

  • Abdomen – Upper arms – Inner and outer thighs – Hips – Back – Flanks

(Fat Freezing) FAQ’s

How many treatments?

Results are visible even after the first session. Fusiomed combines multiple technologies in the same procedure capable of producing evident changes on skin elasticity, cellulite and inches loss. Depending from the procedure performed, Fusiomed guarantees stable results in only an average of 6-10 sessions.

How does Fusiomed for the body work?

Very different from cellulite and body treatments currently used, this multifunctional high-tech platform (radiofrequency + laser + acoustic waves + rhythmic vacuum massage + fat freezing) surprisingly increases the quality of the aesthetic results on body procedures.

How soon will I see results?

Maximum results take at least eight weeks to appear post-treatment, however many patients notice visible fat loss in as little as three weeks.

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All testimonials are the opinion of the individual. Any results described or claimed within these testimonials are specific to that individual customer. Results can vary and there are many factors that effect the results achieved by each individual customer, including but not limited to lifestyle, age, diet, etc. As such, we are not able to provide guaranteed results. We will commit to engaging with you as a customer to achieve the best results possible in your given situation.


From £120.00
Radiofrequency – Body (DUOSHAPE)

Tighten Skin and Muscles for Body through deep vibrations and heat.
3 Sessions from £330.00

From £130.00
Skin Needling – Body (SKINTITE)

Microneedle with heat increases collagen production. Ideal for Acne, Scars, Stretch Marks, Lines and Wrinkles.
3 Sessions from £360.00

From £120.00
Sub-Dermal Massage Lymph Drainage (VACULASE)

Suction cups increase metabolism and remove stores of energy and promote lymphatic drainage.
3 Sessions from £330.00

From £215.00
Fat Freezing (COOLSHAPE)

Quick heat change from 60⁰C to -10⁰C to target and dissolve fat cells.
3 Sessions from £615.00

From £120.00
Low Frequency Ultrasound (CAVITATION)

Vibration and disruption of fibrosis and fat cells. Fat then gets metabolised due to increased microcirculation.
3 Sessions from £330.00

From £90.00
Radio frequency Superficial

Boost Collagen and Elastin production for younger skin.
3 Session from £255.00

From £80.00
Radio frequency Deep Volume

Heats the deep layer of your skin. This increases in collagen tightens skin. Ideal for double chin.
3 Sessions from £225.00

From £85.00
Skin Needling – Face (SKINTITE)

Microneedle with heat increases collagen production. Ideal for Acne, Scars, Stretch Marks, Lines and Wrinkles.
3 Sessions from £240.00